Dear President Trump,

I regret very much not to be joining Congress when Jim Bridenstine gives up his seat. Best wishes advancing a conservative agenda. Oklahoma will send someone capable and committed to help with the work.

Meanwhile, here are two facts that for the Republican-controlled government to keep in mind:

  1. In 2016 the national debt increased by $2 million every minute. The ratio of government debt to income is 10-1. For a family, a ratio greater than 3-1 is dangerous.
  2. Also in that year, opiod overdoses killed 50,000 Americans. That's almost as many in one year as the 58,000 killed in combat in the entire Viet Nam war.

The work that needs doing is apparent, so let's do it. I still believe that the most valuable thing on earth is American citizenship. I am committed to preserving and increasing that value through my efforts at the state and local level.

Emma Jane, Scott, Marina, & Virginia Pendleton

Emma Jane, Scott, Marina, & Virginia Pendleton